Services to be provided

  1. 1

    Tourist information
    Introducing various sightseeing spots in Matsuyama
  2. 2

    Duty free batch counter
    We will set up a counter to accept duty-free items in bulk
  3. 3

    Interpretation service
    Equipped with staff and translators for each language
  4. 4

    Foreign currency exchange
    Supports foreign currency exchange in various countries
  5. 5

    Internet service
    You can feel free to use the Internet by installing free wi-fi.
  6. 6

    Local currency service
    (Machi Pay)
    Expand the area where Machi Pay can be used
  7. 7

    You can get access to all kinds of information about Matsuyama such as culture, sightseeing, and gourmet food.
  8. 8

    Empty-handed tourism service
    You can use the baggage storage and delivery service so that you can go sightseeing empty-handed.
  9. 9

    Sale of local products
    A collection of local products
  10. 10

    Regional cooperation event PR etc.
    Event information will be sent at any time